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Protected: Alexandria Terrace: The Gentry

Alexandria nsw, Australia NSW Sydney
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Address: Alexandria nsw
Country: Australia
Property Id: 117
walkscore96 / Walker's Paradise more details here


Pivot Point Academy
(0.69 km)Pivot Point Academy
The Actor's Pulse
(1.08 km)The Actor's Pulse
McIntosh & Bowman Cheesemongers
(3.92 km)McIntosh & Bowman Cheesemongers
BS Education services
(2.82 km)BS Education services
International Student Educational Services
(2.82 km)International Student Educational Services
Pole Dance Academy
(0.36 km)Pole Dance Academy
University of Sydney
(1.56 km)University of Sydney
The Quadrangle
(1.99 km)The Quadrangle
Urban Dance Centre
(2.18 km)Urban Dance Centre
Cucina Italiana Cooking School
(3.47 km)Cucina Italiana Cooking School
Adult Ballet Studio
(1.22 km)Adult Ballet Studio
Aussizz Group - Sydney
(3.53 km)Aussizz Group - Sydney
Sydney Story Factory
(1.05 km)Sydney Story Factory
Macquarie Mandarin
(3.49 km)Macquarie Mandarin
Afterburner Australia
(3.31 km)Afterburner Australia
Cork & Chroma Sydney
(1.89 km)Cork & Chroma Sydney
(2.91 km)Frenchclass
VIVE Cooking School
(1.71 km)VIVE Cooking School
The Spanish Cat
(2.87 km)The Spanish Cat
StudyEdge Education Services
(3.96 km)StudyEdge Education Services
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital School
(2.3 km)Royal Prince Alfred Hospital School
Art on King
(1.83 km)Art on King
(1.97 km)Uts
Crossover Dance Studios
(2.7 km)Crossover Dance Studios
National Art School
(2.96 km)National Art School
Sydney Pole - Camperdown
(2.91 km)Sydney Pole - Camperdown
UTS Building 8 - Dr Chau Chak Wing Building
(2.29 km)UTS Building 8 - Dr Chau Chak Wing Building
Alliance Francaise De Sydney
(3.31 km)Alliance Francaise De Sydney
ABC Training
(3.57 km)ABC Training
Let's Go Surfing
(7.56 km)Let's Go Surfing


Westfield Sydney
(3.5 km)Westfield Sydney
Zimmermann Outlet
(1.74 km)Zimmermann Outlet
Leading Labels Factory Outlet
(3.5 km)Leading Labels Factory Outlet
Queen Victoria Building
(3.37 km)Queen Victoria Building
Victoria's Basement
(0.67 km)Victoria's Basement
World Square Shopping Centre
(2.79 km)World Square Shopping Centre
Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre
(2.62 km)Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre
Paddy's Markets
(2.44 km)Paddy's Markets
East Village
(1.23 km)East Village
Broadway Sydney
(2.05 km)Broadway Sydney
Supa Centa Moore Park
(1.35 km)Supa Centa Moore Park
Alexandria Homemaker Centre
(1.5 km)Alexandria Homemaker Centre
Creative Vintage Centre
(1.45 km)Creative Vintage Centre
Newtown Central
(2.02 km)Newtown Central
Pacific Square
(5.56 km)Pacific Square
Downunder Discounts
(2.15 km)Downunder Discounts
Big Bargain Clearance Store
(2.93 km)Big Bargain Clearance Store
Central Park
(1.9 km)Central Park
Holy Kitsch!
(2.06 km)Holy Kitsch!
Monster Threads
(1.87 km)Monster Threads
The Strand Arcade
(3.63 km)The Strand Arcade
FSW Shoe Warehouse
(0.33 km)FSW Shoe Warehouse
Westpac Eastgardens Westfield
(5.28 km)Westpac Eastgardens Westfield
Surry Hills Village Grocer
(1.59 km)Surry Hills Village Grocer
Pitt Street Mall
(3.62 km)Pitt Street Mall
(1.84 km)Made590
Kensington Street
(1.91 km)Kensington Street
Retrospec'd Clothing
(1.94 km)Retrospec'd Clothing
Kakadu Kimberley Factory Outlet
(0.39 km)Kakadu Kimberley Factory Outlet
That Vintage Shop
(2.99 km)That Vintage Shop


Auztranz Shuttle Service
(3.83 km)Auztranz Shuttle Service
My Sydney Detour
(1.19 km)My Sydney Detour
Creation Limousines
(3.6 km)Creation Limousines
Rebecca Taxi Base
(1.54 km)Rebecca Taxi Base
Driven by Limo
(1.57 km)Driven by Limo
Blue Sky Helicopters
(4.45 km)Blue Sky Helicopters
White Bay Cruise Terminal
(4.14 km)White Bay Cruise Terminal
(3.6 km)13 MAXI CABS
Go Sydney Shuttle
(1.78 km)Go Sydney Shuttle
Wentworth Park Light Rail
(3.04 km)Wentworth Park Light Rail
Lux Limousines - Sydney
(3.46 km)Lux Limousines - Sydney
VIP Luxury Limousines and Hire Cars
(3.6 km)VIP Luxury Limousines and Hire Cars
Railway Square
(2.01 km)Railway Square
Elite Corp Cars
(7.27 km)Elite Corp Cars
Public Transport
(3.6 km)Public Transport
Fish Market Light Rail Stop
(3.48 km)Fish Market Light Rail Stop
Executive Motion
(3.83 km)Executive Motion
Edgecliff Interchange
(4.13 km)Edgecliff Interchange
Man And A Ute
(3.6 km)Man And A Ute
Sydney Buses
(3.71 km)Sydney Buses
Stanmore Station
(3.4 km)Stanmore Station
Legion Cabs Co-Operative Society
(2.14 km)Legion Cabs Co-Operative Society
Tempe Station
(4.7 km)Tempe Station
Travel Safe Bus Hire
(3.82 km)Travel Safe Bus Hire
Water Taxis Bookings Sydney Harbour
(3.69 km)Water Taxis Bookings Sydney Harbour
City Cabs Derry Ltd
(17018.56 km)City Cabs Derry Ltd
(3.93 km)Europcar
Waratah Limousines
(3.92 km)Waratah Limousines
Silver Service
(0.63 km)Silver Service
Uber Sydney
(2.51 km)Uber Sydney